Kelley Barbieri–Physical Education Teacher, Snack, Lunch and Breakfast Coordinator.

Physical Education Teacher, Snack, Lunch and Breakfast Coordinator.

Miss Kelley received a Bachelor’s degree from Wilmington University and has an Early Childhood Teacher certificate from the state.  Miss Kelley has two children who are both St. Mary’s EEP graduates.  Gabriella is a freshman at Gettysburg College and Anthony is a junior at Charter School of Wilmington.  Miss Kelley loves teaching and working with the children at St. Mary’s Preschool.  Miss Kelley has been a parishioner at St. Mary’s for 20 years and has been working at St. Mary’s Preschool for the past 14 years.


Mary Bauer– 

5-Day Pre-K Teacher.


Mrs. Bauer has a Master’s degree in Child Development from Ohio State University.  In the past Mrs. Bauer worked as an educator in foster care and as a director of a teen parent child care center.  In addition, Mrs. Bauer has worked with infants through adults.  Mrs. Bauer began teaching at St. Mary’s Preschool in 1998.  Over the years, Mrs. Bauer has really enjoyed working with our St. Mary’s families.  This is Mrs. Bauer’s is Mrs. Bauer’s 20th year at St. Mary’s Preschool.


Laura Brutsche---3Y3D                                          Assistant Teacher.

Mrs. Brutsche received a Bachelor's degree in Education from West Chester University.  She holds state certificates in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education.  Mrs. Brutsche has a variety of teaching experience over the past 22 years, working with students ranging from preschoolers through 6th graders in public, private, and hybrid/homeschool settings.  Mrs. Brutsche and her husband, Paul, have 3 daughters ages 18, 16 and 8.  Her older two daughters are graduates of St. Mary's Preschool.  Mrs. Brutsche previously taught at St. Mary's in the 2 & 3 year old program, leaving on maternity leave to have her third daughter.  She is excited to be back working with young learners, guiding their exploration and witnessing their discovery in the caring environment of St. Mary's Preschool.


Therese Carsch– 


3-Day Assistant Teacher.

Mrs. Carsch is both honored and proud to say that she has been a member of the staff here at St. Mary’s Preschool since 1999; and what a wonderful program it is!  Being at St. Mary’s Prsechool for eighteen years has afforded Mrs. Carsch the opportunity to work with, and learn from many different teachers, students and families that have been a part of our St. Mary’s community.  Mrs. Carsch’s educational background began on Long Island, New York, where she is originally from, and is in business. However, since moving to Delaware and, while working in the early childhood profession, Mrs. Carsch received her certification to be a Preschool Teacher. 

Now that Mrs. Carsch’s two sons are all grown; one lives in Hong Kong, the other in New York and ships out to sea every other month, she enjoys and appreciates even more the interactions and experiences with everyone affiliated with St. Mary’s Preschool!  This is Mrs. Carsch’s 18th year at St. Mary’s Preschool.


Maureen Donnelly– 

5-Day Pre-K Assistant Teacher.

Mrs. Donnelly has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development from Vanderbilt University . After staying home with her children for several years, Mrs. Donnelly obtained her certification in Early Child Care and Education to begin her career as a preschool teacher.  Mrs. Donnelly loves working at St. Mary’s and having wonderful conversations with the children in her class! Mrs. Donnelly is married and has 2 sons ages 14 and 16.  This is Mrs. Donnelly’s 3rd year teaching at St. Mary’s Preschool.


Nicole Guariano–2Y2D & 2Y3D Assistant Teacher.

Ms. Nicole is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. Ms. Nicole also holds an Assistant Teacher certificate from the state of Delaware. Ms. Nicole and her husband Sal have three children; a daughter who is a sophomore at the University of Delaware, a son who is a junior at Salesianum and another son who is in 7th grade at St. John the Beloved. Ms. Nicole loves working with the children and their families.  This is Ms. Nicole’s 6th year teaching at St. Mary’s.


Amy Hunter


3-Day Pre-K Teacher.

Mrs. Hunter is excited to be teaching the 3-day Pre-K class.  Mrs. Hunter has holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from West Chester University. Her experiences the past 25 years include toddlers, two’s, three’s and kindergarten age.  Mrs. Hunter, and her husband Paul, have 4 children–3 girls and one boy.

Mrs. Hunter enjoys getting to know each child and loves watching them experience new things and seeing their excitement.  This is Mrs. Hunter’s 9th year at St. Mary’s Preschool.


Laura Jezyk


5-Day Pre-K Teacher.

Mrs. Jezyk has Bachelor’s Degree from The Catholic University of America, a Masters of Education degree from Wilmington University, and is a certified Special Education Teacher.  Mrs. Jezyk has 12 years experience as a lead teacher and has taught many grades from Pre-K through 8th grade.  Mrs. Jezyk is excited and proud to join the St. Mary’s Preschool staff and to have the opportunity to work with the children here and foster their academic and social growth. Although new to the preschool, Mrs. Jezyk has been a part of the St. Mary’s community for six years as a parishioner of the church and both a religious PREP teacher and Cub Scout leader.  This is Mrs. Jezyk’s first year at St. Mary’s Preschool.


Julie Kramedas–2Y2D & 3Y3D Assistant Teacher.

Mrs. Kramedas is a graduate of the University of Delaware and holds an Assistant Teacher certificate from the state.  Mrs. Kramedas has two children; her daughter just graduated with a master’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology and her son is a sophomore in college. Mrs. Kramedas is excited to be working in the Preschool Plus Program this year in addition to being an assistant teacher in the 2 year old and 3 year old program.  Mrs. Kramedas has been at St. Mary’s Preschool for 14 years.


Pam LoCurcio– 2Y2D & 2Y3D Teacher.

Miss Pam teaches the two-year-old classes at St. Mary’s EEP.  Miss Pam has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Delaware and an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Wilmington University.  Miss Pam has two children who also attended St. Mary’s Preschool.  Her son, Michael, is a junior at Conrad Schools of  Science and her daughter, Morgan, is a freshman at Conrad as well. Miss Pam has taught toddlers her entire teaching career and she loves being a part of their very first school experience.   

Miss Pam enjoys getting to know each family and finds it amazing to see how much two-year-old’s develop over the school year!  This is Miss Pam’s 10th year at St. Mary’s Preschool.


Jennifer Lutes– 5-Day

Pre-K Assistant Teacher.

Mrs. Lutes attended the University of Delaware earning a BS in Early Childhood Development and Education. After college she worked in corporate child care teaching toddlers, pre-k, and kindergarten before becoming a Program Coordinator.

Mrs. Lutes has spent the last 13 years as a Stay at Home Mom to her 3 children. With the kids now in school all day, Mrs. Lutes is excited to join the St. Mary’s Preschool team, getting back to her passion of working with young children.

As a native to Hockessin, Mrs. Lutes is happy to be raising her family here.  This is Mrs. Lutes 1st year teaching at St. Mary’s Preschool.


Michele Michalcewiz– 2Y2D & 2Y3D Assistant Teacher.

 Miss Michele is a graduate of the University of Delaware and holds an assistant teacher certificate from the state of Delaware.  Miss Michele has two daughters who are both St. Mary’s Preschool graduates.  Brynn is a junior at the University of Delaware and Erin is a senior at the Charter School of Wilmington.  Miss Michele has been working at St. Mary’s Preschool for 14 years.


Sandy Myrick– 2Y2D & 3Y3D Teacher.

Mrs. Myrick teaches a three-day, three-year-old class and a two-day, two-year-old class.  Mrs. Myrick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from the University of Delaware.  Mrs. Myrick enjoys her time at St. Mary’s and loves working with the children and their families.  Mrs. Myrick is married and has three grown children.  This is Mrs. Myrick’s eighteenth year at St. Mary’s Preschool.


Melinda Oriani– Music Teacher.

Since receiving her bachelor’s degree in vocal performance from the University of Minnesota, Miss Melinda has sung with a variety of professional groups including the Dale Warland Singers in Minneapolis, Virginia Opera chorus, Houston Grand Opera chorus, Houston Chamber Choir, the Philadelphia Singers and VoxAmaDeus.  Miss Melinda has held soloist positions with a variety of churches, and currently sings with Grace United Methodist Church in Wilmington.   In addition to singing, Miss Melinda loves teaching music to young children!  Miss Melinda has completed all of the training for both Kindermusik and Musikgarten programs and has a Level 1 certification from ECMMA.  In 1995, Miss Melinda started Clear Lake Kindermusik in Houston.  Miss Melinda has worked full-time for The Music School of Delaware since 2006, as the Early Childhood Department Head. This is Miss Melinda’s 13th year teaching the wonderful children at St. Mary’s Preschool.


Karen Rombach–Director.

Miss Karen has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Delaware.  Miss Karen is certified to teach children from birth through 3rd grade.  Some of the credentials Miss Karen has received over the years are the Early Childhood Preschool Credential, Early Childhood Inclusion Credential, Early Childhood Administration Credential, National Director’s Credential and an Early Childhood Curriculum and Assessment Credential.  Miss Karen’s teaching experience began in public Kindergarten and then continued at St. Mary’s Preschool where she began the two-year-old program back in 1996  Miss Karen taught in the two-year-old program at St. Mary’s Preschool for 5 years before becoming director.

Miss Karen and her husband have three grown children and they are looking forward to grandchildren.

Miss Karen feels blessed to have found a second home at St. Mary’s Preschool for the past 22 years and feels honored to be working with such dedicated teachers. Miss Karen hopes to connect with the families at St. Mary’s Preschool and work together for the sake of the children and their education.  This is Karen’s 22nd year at St. Mary’s Preschool.


Cindy Spence– 3Y2D, 3Y3D and 3Y5D Teacher.

Mrs. Spence received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Delaware and is a certified teacher for children ages birth through 8th grade.  Mrs. Spence has been a teacher for over 20 years, starting as a summer camp teacher while in college.  Mrs. Spence’s experiences have been wonderful and encompass a wide range of student abilities and ages.  Mrs.  Spence’s teaching positions include:  Elementary Workshop (preschool), Centreville School (a school for children with learning disabilities where she taught preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st-2nd grade children; Mrs. Spence also worked in the admissions office), Pike Creek Christian School (Elementary), and of course, teaching here at St. Mary’s Preschool.

Mrs. Spence and her husband, Jason, have 2 children -identical twin boys.  Jake and Justin are 17 years old (my how time flies) and attend Conrad School of Science.  They are on the cross country team, the indoor track team, and the track & field team at Conrad— they keep Mrs. Spence very busy as she attends every meet they are participating in!

Mrs. Spence truly loves teaching and working with children and will take care of your children while they are at school as if they were her own.  This is Mrs. Spence’s 9th year at St. Mary’s Preschool.


Michelle Sutherland– 


3Y3D Teacher.

Mrs. Sutherland teaches a 3-day, 3-year-old class.  Mrs. Sutherland received a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Delaware and is certified to teach children ages birth through 3rd grade.  Mrs. Sutherland’s teaching career began in public school Kindergarten.  Mrs. Sutherland also has experience as a preschool teacher in a traditional childcare setting and as an assistant in a Montessori School.

Mrs. Sutherland, and her husband Andy, have been blessed with four wonderful children; 3 sons and one daughter who are all grown and in their 20’s.  Mrs. Sutherland feels very lucky to have them all close by but must admit to enjoying life as an emptynester.

Mrs. Sutherland simply enjoys teaching children.  She makes her class feel like a home to every student; valued, intelligent, safe and comfortable.  Her classroom is conducive to learning, welcomes everyone’s opinions, and encourages and respects every student’s differences.  Mrs. Sutherland is energetic in teaching because she loves what she does!  Mrs. Sutherland has worked at St. Mary’s for 18 years.


Natalie Tucci– 2Y2D & 2Y3D Teacher.

Mrs. Tucci has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Wilmington University.  Mrs. Tucci has worked with all age groups throughout her 25 years of teaching experience.  She has a son Bryce who is in 7th grade at St John the Beloved and daughter Amanda who is a Sophomore at St. Mark’s High School.

Mrs. Tucci has always had a passion for working with children.  Mrs. Tucci is thankful for the opportunity to teach in such a nurturing and loving preschool where there is a wonderful sense of community between families and teachers.  Mrs. Tucci believes that children develop and learn so much in their early years.  Mrs. Tucci strives to make their first preschool experience a mix of exploring, learning, and fun.  It is also exciting to see the children build friendships that last for years!”

This is Mrs. Tucci’s third year at St Mary’s Preschool.